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Are you looking for some new ideas for courses?
Would you like to offer some very different courses…

  • on subjects that you might not have considered possible?
  • on subjects for which you may not have an expert facilitator?
  • on current affair subjects?
  • on secondary school type subjects such as mathematics, science, etc?

Are you looking for video that can enhance a course presentation?

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EnhanceTV offers thousands of intellectually stimulating videos as programs, clips, documentaries and movies. Traditionally EnhanceTV has been available to schools as a way of enhancing teaching delivery. Now it’s available to U3As that have a Screenrights license.

Checkout the topics and wide variety of what is available to stream from the internet. Go to https://www.enhancetv.com.au

Subscription cost is $12 for a 90 day subscription, and you subscribe using a credit card.

How to subscribe and use EnhanceTV.

 Step 1. Make sure your U3A has a current Screenrights license through the NSW U3A Network.

Step 2. Make sure you are able to access a reliable wifi internet signal at your course venue.

Step 3. Nominate the U3A member(s) who are going to subscribe to EnhanceTV. Email the Network webmaster for the email address that EnhanceTV will recognise as being from an eligible U3A.

Step 4. Use this link https://get.enhancetv.com.au/  to go to the EnhanceTV page that has been set up especially for U3A.

Step 5. Once you hit the ‘click here to join’ button you will be taken to a page where you subscribe. There you will be asked to put in your ‘school or institution email’ address that you have received from our U3A webmaster. When you do that, and click on the ‘search school’ button, EnhanceTV will recognise that you are from an eligible U3A. Any email communication that comes from EnhanceTV to you will go to your personal email address as our Webmaster will have linked them.

Step 6. You are free to view any and all EnhanceTV programs you might use during your subscription period. When the time comes for your course you will be able to stream live from EnhanceTV to your course venue.