Executive Ballot 2021

March-April 2021

This Electronic Ballot process has been configured to comply with the published procedures of the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

This Ballot will allow U3A Member Associations to elect the Executive Position as detailed below.

Vice-President (Nominees)

  • William Lyndsay Cox
  • James Nichterlein
  • Denis Simond

Click this link for the Biographical Details of the nominees for Vice-President.

Please note the Ballot for the position of President will not be contested due to unforeseen circumstances, being the withdrawal of a candidate.

NSW and ACT Member Associations are invited to register a Voting Delegate who will represent their association.  The registration will allow direct Email communication from the Returning Officer to the nominated Voting Delegate. Instructions will be provided to access the Electronic Ballot Form during the period when the ballot will be ‘OPEN’‘.

To register, on behalf of your U3A Association, please use the CLICK to register button to record your Voting Delegate details.  To do this you’ll need an ‘access password’  supplied by the Returning Officer on 15-16 March 2021.   The option to register will be available from 4 pm 17 March 2021 to 4 pm  22 March 2021.

Should any issue arise in the process of Voting please contact the Returning Officer by Email u3answ.returningofficer@gmail.com with a description of the issue and a contact phone number.

As an authorised Voting Delegate you may access the Electronic Ballot Form for a period of 14 days (4:00 pm 24 March 2021 to 4:00 pm 7 April 2021) when you are ready to vote please click the Electronic Ballot Form Button. 

When the U3A Network NSW – Electronic Ballot Form ‘button’ is activated, as detailed above, please follow the online form instructions to complete the form. On completion, please ensure that you press the SUBMIT button ONLY once. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN AUTHORISED TO DO SO BY YOUR U3A COMMITTEE. If you, as a Voting Delegate, would like more information please click this link E-Ballot Tutorial. A list of the key dates is also displayed for your guidance.

The results of the election shall be declared at the Annual General Meeting.