Insurance for U3A Associations


Public liability insurance protects you against the financial risk of being found liable to third parties for property and personal injury. Public Liability provides coverage where a third party, e.g. a member of the public or service user, is killed or physically injured or their property is damaged due to proven negligence of a U3A.

All authorised U3A activities attended by members and official guests are covered under the policy. All authorised U3A activities are acceptable, but high risk programs such as Cycling, Bush Walking, Canoeing, Sailing, Strenuous exercises etc must be authorised. As individual U3As do not deal with the insurance proposal, this being organised by the U3A Network, mention of these activities may be made directly to the Network’s Aon Liaison Officer, at the relevant time.

Cover includes legal costs and expenses incurred when defending a claim but only if costs are agreed beforehand by the insurer.

Please Note: the Exemption : “Policy excludes liability arising from participation in any sporting activities” refers to competitive sporting activities. Hence, while table tennis is covered, a table tennis competition is not. Also, body contact sports are not covered by the policy at all.

For one off events such as Open Days and concerts, these are also covered but if the attendance is to be 250 or more Aon Risk Solutions requires notification.

There is no upper age limit for Public Liability Insurance for U3A. The minimum age is 8!

Cover is only for the duration of the activity, not from the time one leaves or returns home.

Individual insurance queries should be directed to the Enquiry Link below.

Insurance policies for Personal Accident and Property or Theft are available through Aon Risk Solutions. The Network does not offer such cover as each group has its own specific requirements. This type of insurance is covered by separate policies issued to each individual group upon application. You can download information from the Aon Risk Solutions website. Initial questions regarding public liability insurance should be directed through the Enquiry link below.

For your records you may Download the 2021/22 Aon Public & Products Liability Certificate of Currency as supplied by our brokers and here is link to the INSURANCE POLICY.

If you have paid your premium and your U3A is not named on the Coverage Summary, please contact the Network’s Aon Liaison Officer as soon as possible by Email: Insurance Enquiry